The disability of a hand condition is only really felt when the affected hand becomes unable to fulfill its normal functions. This is usually the case when the hand is immobilised following a fracture of the bone or any other surgical procedure. Certain conditions like arthritis of the hand create painful joints that prevent us from utilising the important functions of the hand. Certain pinched nerve conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome disable the limb by causing loss of sensation, pins and needles or weakness of the hands. Other inflammatory conditions like gout or rheumatoid arthritis can affect multiple joints but commonly affects the hands. These conditions can create sudden disability, pain and complete loss of function.

The good news is that most of these conditions are treatable. Many of these conditions require a combination of lifestyle modifications, medical treatment and some rehabilitation by a therapist (physiotherapy or occupational therapist). In certain conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or other pinched nerves, surgery becomes an option if conservative treatment (physiotherapy or hand therapy) has failed. Other traumatic conditions like fractures of bones warrant immediate surgical intervention.

Irrespective of the condition, or the chronicity, the loss of hand function impacts our life rather dramatically: Please share your experience with fellow patients that might be dealing with the same problems or suffering from the same condition!